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Friday, August 13, 2010

Machine Quilting Challenge Block #62

Good Morning and Happy Friday to you all.
I wanted to invite all of you locals to check out the art opening tonight at the Ice Cube Gallery, 3320 Walnut St. in the RINO arts district. It is the opening night of Ray Tomasso's newest show. We used to carry his hand made papers at our store. He makes amazing cast paper hangings. They are filled with wonderful texture, earthy color and great line. He's very talented and a lovely person too. Come and treat yourself to some great art! Tonight (Friday the 13th) from 5:00 - 9:00. I'll be there at about 6:30.
On to today's new design. This one is really fun. I call it Star Flowers. It is a combination of several simple motifs. The center of each star is made like the meandering leaf filler from four entries ago. It is surrounded by five pointy petals which are triangular and each flower is linked to the others with loop d'loops. I suggest doodling it out before you start stitching.
Begin near the center of the block and stitch an almond shape that is open on one end. Make it about 3/4" long and 1/2" wide. When you get back to the open end, stitch a second, smaller almond in the center and close it off at the end. Stitch a triangle shaped petal that is open on the wide end that is next to the flowers almond shaped center. Continue stitching triangular petals until you have five moving around the almond center. Try to keep two petals on each side and one above the center tip of the almond center. Once the flower is complete, stitch several small loop d'loops out and away from the flower, stitch another flower in the same manner.
Keep stitching flowers linked by loop d'loops, trying to keep the negative space equally filled and the flowers the same size and the loop d'loops smaller than the inner almond. When stitching out the flowers, try to stitch them in every direction. This way the design will look neat, tidy and interesting.
I love this stitch out, it's sort of modern-retro. Hope you enjoy it too,
Till Monday,

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Christa Irell said...

OOOhhhh! Love this one too!

You know, the folks at Quilting Arts should be seeking you out- I have seen lately what they have to offer with machine quilting ideas, and it is obvious to me that bar none- you are the Machine Quilting Queen. No kidding.

Have a wonderful weekend!