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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Machine Quilting Challenge - Block #17

Good Evening,

Thank you to all of you who have left comments here. I really appreciate the feed back and Christa, rock-on!, You're my one and only, 'follower'

Here is today's new block; Clam Shell.

This stitch-out looks great horizontally or diagonally. My sample is diagonal. It is also quite small. Each clam shell is about 3/4" wide. You can make it in just about any size, but remember that the larger the arch, the more difficult it is to make it smooth.

Doodle the design out in a few different sizes before you begin stitching.

To begin, decide whether you will stitch straight or diagonally. If stitching on the diagonal, begin in one corner if stitching straight simply begin on one lower edge. If stitching diagonally, begin by forming a half circle from one side to the other of the adjoining corner. If stitching straight, begin by forming your first row of half circles along the bottom edge of the block.

To turn half circles into clam shells the second row of half circles should be stitched in between the half circles in the first row - turn your head and look at the above block sideways to see what i mean about 'in between'. Each successive row of half circles is added above and between the prior row.

This is a great stitch-out to improve your skills with curves and placement consistency.


1 comment:

Carole said...

Hi Heather
I have been working right along with you. Thanks! You are right about doodling. It really helps to loose n me up before I start stitching. I can see that I've gotten better but nothing as nice as what you are doing. I plan to have some "do-overs" at the end and hopefully I can really show some improvement.
This has been a fun experience.
Thank you for putting it on your blog.