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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Block #18 in the Machine Quilting Challenge

Good Evening,

Wow! What a day! I just finished my 5th art piece of the week - Yes, that's five pieces finished this week. All but one were started last Thursday. Four of the five are very small Sculpted Quilts but the fifth one is the largest I've done in the series so far. My hands are aching. But I feel like I've conquered the world!

Now on to today's stitch out. It's called Basket Weave and it features lines and lots of them.

Remember to doodle it out before you begin stitching.

This design can be stitched in just about any size. Mine features sections that are just over 1" square with lines that are a scant 1/4" apart.

To begin simply stitch wavy lines horizontally then vertically that are about 1" apart thus forming a wavy lined grid. Next go back into the first block in one corner and stitch vertical lines that are a scant 1/4" apart that follow the curve of the section. Travel along the already stitched lines to change direction.

Next, move to the next block and stitch horizontal lines that are a scant 1/4" apart following that sections curve. Continue alternating vertical then horizontal until you finish the first row of sections then move on to the next row this time begin with horizontal lines in the first section then alternate with vertical.

This is a beautiful stitch-out that yields wonderful texture.




Christa Irell said...

Honestly, how kind are you to help the rest of us poor souls learn how to be better machine quilters????
TOOO kind, I must say. I love machine quilting and have been LOVING your tutorials. I have only done them on paper (in my sketchbook) because my machine desperately needs service before I can tax it any further...
But I cannot wait to do all of these, and you have given me so many ideas! Not only for quilting but for my art journaling. Wait till you see!!!
Saying thank you seems so inadequate... you are such a giving soul, Heather. I feel so lucky to have met you! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather. The timing of your challenge is perfect for me. It is nice to have an encyclopedia of stitches in fabric for design stitches. Going to work on the basket weave and then I will be caught up. Thanks for the instruction and the challenge.

Linda Schwarz

Anonymous said...

Heather, You have helped me so much! I am doodling and quilting, but I am not caught up. I tell everyone I meet about your blog, I hope some of them are checking you out. Your enthusiasm and love of quilting and painting are contagious. Kathy Ratz