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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Machine Quilting Challenge - Block #30

Good Morning,
Here is today's new stitch-out. I call it Daisy Chain. It is great in borders or it can be used as a fill in un-pieced blocks.
This design is rather simple, but for the best results, it's helpful to mark the squares. To do this, simply choose a size, mine are 1 1/2", then mark the segments using a Hera marker.
In the slice segment pictured here, you can see the process of making one flower. I drew out the segments of one square by making diagonal lines from corner to corner then bisecting the square vertically and horizontal. Stitching begins in the middle of each square. Remember to practice the design first by doodling it with pencil and paper.
Begin by placing the needle down in the center of the square. Stitch out to one corner making an elongated, tear drop shaped petal and return to the center of the square. Use the drawn line as a center reference for the petals. Stitch one of these petals into each corner of the square.
Next, stitch a petal in between each of the previously stitched petals. If you are stitching more than one flower (flowers in a row) then the last petal you stitch needs to position you so that you can begin the second flower. Stitch over half of the last petal to take you to the starting point for the next flower. This time, you will make one horizontal petal first then stitch the four corner petals and finish with the remaining petals, stitching the petal closest to the next flower last. Keep making flowers until you have completed the first row. Knot off and begin again in any subsequent rows.
I ALWAYS, mark the squares when I do this stitch out. It's easy to do. If I'm using the flower in a border (which is where I usually use it) then I simply mark lines across the border at equal intervals using my Hera marker. I never mark the lines inside the squares. I did that in the sample above so that you could easily understand where to aim each of the 8 petals in this design.
I hope you enjoy today's stitch-out,
Till tomorrow,

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Gretchen M. said...

Thank you, Heather, for doing this for us! I am just getting started on the challenge and was up late last night preparing some practice blocks! We appreciate your time!