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Monday, February 28, 2011

Design #92 in the Machine Quilting Challenge

Good Morning,

Here is another border design. It's much simpler than the last few and similar to other leaf/vine designs we've done. The difference here is the shape of the leaf and the abundance of stems.

Beginning near the middle at one end of the border section, stitch a stem that moves over toward one side of the border. Lengthen the stem so that it forms the center of the first leaf. From the end of the stitched line, angle down and away from the center line/vein and form half of an upside down heart that ends back at the stem/vein. Stitch the second side of the leaf by stitching the second half of the heart and ending back at the top tip of the leaf. Stitch back down the center vein to the base of the leaf then stitch a short vein inside each side of the leaf. Stitch back down the stem a bit until you have room to stitch another stem on the same side of the border. End the stem with another heart shaped leaf then stitch back to the center stem.

Now, stitch another short stem on the opposite side of the center stem and end it with a heart shaped leaf. Stitch one or two more stems and leaves on that side of the center then stitch up the center stem and off to the original side of the border.

Keep stitching clusters of two t0 three stems and leaves that come off of the center vine, alternating sides as you go. Strive for equal sized leaves and to fill the space equally.

Now, I'm off to write the third installment of articles for Quilting Arts Magazine. Hope you're all enjoying them!

Till next time,

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Christa Irell said...

Yet another stunning design by Heather... *sigh* Just beautiful, as is the last one.

I am also just loving your articles in QA- they are wonderfully written and the photos are lovely. It's very thrilling to see such great work in the mag and know I have the privilege of living close enough to you to learn from you in person!

I just got your email about your teaching and classes- I am SO excited! How fun that you are going to host retreats! I went to Taos for the very first time last year and LOVE it there.

I can't come to that retreat- guess why? Because we will be in Santa Fe for that week!!! We will definitely spend a day in Taos, I would love to pop by and say hello!

Of course, I can't wait that long to take a class with you, so I won't. As soon as you have dates and prices up on your classes, I am signing up for something!

You are an amazing woman, and I am proud to be your friend! xo