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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Machine Quilting Challenge - Design #91

Hello all,

Here is a fun new design to add to your border selection. It is really fun to do and adds wonderful depth and movement to the surface. I used two different colors and weights of thread, a heavier one to form the swirled leaves and stem and a lighter weight one to stitch the oppositional echos that are stitched in all of the negative space surrounding the swirly leaves.This design really displays how well opposites show each other off. Not only are the leaves soft and swirly while the background is straight, but the leaves move through the border in a horizontal direction and the background lines in a vertical direction.

To begin, load your machine with a 30wt thread and start stitching a stem up the center of your border section. Stitch over toward one side of the border and end the line with a swirl. Stitch back out of the swirl then stitch away and out to form the wide end of the swirly leaf. End back at the stem. Stitch up the stem a short way then stitch out in the opposite direction from the first leaf and stitch a second swirly leaf. Continue stitching swirly leaves alternating them on each side of the stem until you have filled the length of the border.

Switch to a lighter weight thread, 50 or 60 weight, that contrasts in color to the leaf thread. Beginning at one end of the border begin stitching straight lines between all of the leaves along one side of the border. Stitch from the stem to the edge of the border or to another portion of leaf. Stitch up about 1/4" then stitch back toward the stem. Stitch up 1/4" then back over toward the edge and so on, simply echoing one line with another that is about 1/4" away. Switch directions at times sewing lines that are angled one way or another to fit in and around the leaves. Try not to stitch any lines that are parallel to the leaves if possible. Once you have filled in all of the negative space on one side of the stem then do the same on the other side until you have filled all of the negative space. This tight quilting in the negative space will make the large swirled leaves look like they are stuffed (click on the photo to see it larger)

Hope you enjoy this new design,
Till next time,

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