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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Block #97 in the Machine Quilting Challenge

Good Evening All,

I've been working hard on preparing for Spring Market. Going to promote my new book, Color & Design as well as the old book, Fabric Embellishing. I'll be doing School House Sessions, some short classes and demos in my publisher's booth. I'll be looking for more goodies for my web site too!. I leave next Wednesday and get back the following Tuesday - so I'll have a week with no new posts. But when I get back I'll fill you all in with my market details.

Today's new block features a combination of several designs that we have stitched before plus a few new little additions. Click on the drawing above and view it larger to get a good idea of how to start. I highly suggest doodling this one out a few times before you start it. Try it in different sizes too.

Beginning at the lower right hand corner of your block stitch the long outer leaf then stitch the smaller leaf inside it. Once you reach the lower end on the second side of the innermost leaf, begin stitching small circles inside it. Make sure that all of the circles touch each other and to vary their sizes too.

Once the circles have been stitched to fill the innermost portion of the leaf, stitch from the tip of the smaller leaf up to the tip of the outer leaf and stitch a tear drop on the top then stitch your first feather on one of the sides. Once the feather is complete, stitch back up along the side of the leaf about half the width of the feather and stitch the inner design into the middle of the feather. Once you have completed it, stitch back down and position yourself so that you can stitch the next feather. Continue stitching feathers then filling them with the decorative design until you have completed the first side. Now, stitch back up along the opposite side of the large leaf then back down as you make filled feathers. Alternately, you may stitch all of the feathers first then go back in ad add the decorative design inside them.

Once the entire feathered leaf is complete, echo around it and make a pointy curly-q on the middle top of each feather as shown.

I stippled the remaining portion of the block with a large stipple using the same color thread. Note how the lovely feathered leaf gets somewhat lost among the stippling - in my next entry, I'll show you a better way.

Hope you enjoy this design - I know I loved stitching it.

Till next time,

1 comment:

Christa Irell said...

You have really made machine quilting an art- it's fascinating to see your designs and think of them hanging on the wall just on their own, not even as quilt embellishment... the wheels are turning!
I hope you have a great time at Spring Market- can't wait to hear all about it- take lots of pictures!
Safe journey!