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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Block #54 in the Machine Quilting Challenge

Good Morning,
Here is today's new stitch-out. It's a big departure from the past five days of flowers!. I call it Making Tracks. Though it looks very simple, it's one of the harder designs to perfect. Remember to doodle it out before taking your first stitch.
Begin by dividing your quilting space into 10 equally spaced rows. Each row of stitching will occupy two of the marked rows. The design is basically a connected series of arrow heads that when joined together look like tire tracks.
Begin at the lower left corner and stitch at an angle up toward the right to the first marked line then stitch in the opposite angle over and up to the left to the second marked line, forming a side ways "V". Now that you are on the second line, stitch over about 1/2" on that line then form the next "V" keeping it about 1/2" away from the first. Keep stitching sideways "V"'s all the way across the block. Once you have reached the far end of the block, stitch up along the right hand edge until you are in position to stitch the first "V" in the second row. These are sewn in the opposite direction of the "V"'s in the first row. Keep stitching row after row of sideways "V"'s each row moving in the opposite direction from the row below it until you have completed the block.
This stitch-out is great practice for improving your straight lines and managing spacing between designs.
Hope you enjoy it,
Till tomorrow,

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Christa Irell said...

This looks very cool! I am notoriously bad at angled stuff, but I will try it!
You really are an exceptional machine quilter. What you are able to do on a machine is quite astounding.