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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Machine Quilting Challenge - Block #58

Good Morning!
What interesting weather we have here in Colorado. It's been raining all morning and blissfully cool - real springtime. I love this kind of weather. It makes everything feel clean and new!
Today's new stitch-out is another border design. It uses designs and techniques from some of the blocks we've all ready done including, stones or small circles for berries, tendrils, and curly-q's. The two designs are very similar to each other. The design on the right features a series of thin, narrow swirls or curly-q's. These swirls vary in size from tiny to large. The design on the left features the same swirls, mostly in a medium size alternating with sprigs of berries and tendrils.
Here's how to go about stitching these designs. Begin with a 7 1/2" x 14 1/2" quilt sandwich. Divide it down the long middle using a Hera marker then stitch along the marked line. To do the design on the right, begin at the center bottom of the right hand side of the quilt sandwich. Stitch up a short stem toward the left and make a small narrow swirl that is about the size of a quarter. Stitch out of the swirl and back to the stem. Now stitch a stem toward the right and form a larger, skinny swirl that is about the size of a silver dollar. Stitch back out of the swirl and make a tiny swirl on your way back to the center stem. Continue making skinny swirls in various sizes, moving from side to side until you have stitched the length of the quilt sandwich.
For the design on the left side of the quilt sandwich, begin in the same manner with a medium sized swirl. On your way out of the swirl, make a tendril. Stitch a swirl that is about the same size on the opposite side of the stem and add a tendril or two. Next, stitch up to the opposite side and make a stem that is about 1 1/2" long. Stitch a small round berry at the end of the stem then berries along both sides of it. These tiny circles should be about the size of a pea. Continue alternating sides with medium sized, narrow swirls and tendrils adding a stem of berries every once in a while. Remember to alternate the sides that the berries are on.
Hope you enjoy these new stitch-outs,
Till Monday,

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