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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Machine Quilting Challenge, Block #69

Good Morning All,

Here is another stitch out. It is a combined design that is great for borders or plain areas of a quilt. It is very easy to do and looks rather modern and funky.

I worked the stitch from one side to the other. Begin by stitching a long wavy line from the bottom to the top of your block. This line should be an average of 1 1/2" away from the side edge. Now, stitch a second line that is about 1/2" away from the first. Next, stitch small circles that butt up next to each other inside the channel that you just formed with the two lines.

Once the circles are complete, stitch two more wavy lines, one just outside of each of the two original lines. Make them about 1/8" away. Now, stitch the straight, horizontal lines just to the left of your circles/wavy lines. Begin in the bottom corner and stitch up to the wavy line, over about 1/4" on the wavy line then back to the edge. Stitch over on the edge about 1/4" then back up to the wavy line. Keep stitching lines back and forth keeping them straight as possible and an even space apart.

Once the first section of horizontal lines is complete, stitch another vertical, circle unit that is just like the first one. Stitch it about 1 1/2" away from the first circle unit. Remember to add the lines just outside and 1/8" away from the two lines that form the channel for the circles. Once the second row of circles/wavy lines is complete, stitch the straight, horizontal lines between the rows of circles.

Continue stitching rows of vertical, circle/wavy line units with straight, horizontal stripes in between until you have filled your whole block.

This block is perfect for practicing both circles and straight lines. Hope you enjoy it,

Till next time,


1 comment:

Christa Irell said...

Very cool! Okay, I guess I have no more excuses not to be actually doing these on fabric instead of paper, right?

I read through the whole manual the first day and turned it on to see how everything looked and worked.

I LOVE this machine!!! I still can't believe I got such a good deal- and hubby was quite pleased as well, so all is great!

I will definitely need to take the classes because I think it would be a shame not to know how to use everything it offers. I need to look those up...

Thanks for your tutorials- I am going to go right back to the beginning and get to work! lol