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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Making the Quilt for the Cover of my New Book; Color & Design; The basics and beyond

Good Morning All

This is the quilt that I will be using on the cover of my new book - or at least the beginning of the quilt (click on it to see it larger). I started with a piece of white fabric, basted with batting and a very colorful backing fabric.

Next, I stitched out the large sections using a heavy black thread and my walking foot. Then I chose a selection of 9 threads in different colors that are all just slightly lighter than the pure hue, except for the yellow and orange which are pure hued. Then I just started stitching. I chose stitch outs that have closed designs so that I can color inside of them.

I will now use various markers to color the whole thing in. In addition to several brands of fabric markers, I will use my new favorite markers; Promarkers by Letraset. These come in tons of colors, are very "juicy" and have a fine brush tip as well as a bevel tip. They aren't marketed as fabric markers, but I tested them with water (without heat setting) and they are permanent. They do "move" a bit, about 1/16" so, I stay about that far away from any boundary lines when I use them.

I'll show you the finished quilt once I have colored it in and beaded it - next week probably.

Hope you're having a great weekend,

Till next time,

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Virginia said...

Love it!!! Great colors and quilting designs.