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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Design #73 in the Machine Quilting Challenge

Good Morning All,

A shout out to our new viewer, Susie, welcome!

As most of you have probably figured out, I like texture. These two border designs are all about adding visual texture to otherwise plain areas on a quilt - they are great in borders as shown here.

Begin with a sandwich that is 7" x 14" and divide it down the middle to yield two sides that are 3 1/2" each. Use a Hera marker or the marker of your choice. Stitch on the middle line to divide the two halves.

The top design, looks like flight patterns of birds to me. It is very free form and easy to do. Begin by dividing your border into long curvy pathways that are about 1" wide. Simply stitch a long, curving line somewhere in the border then stitch another that is about 1" away and another. Then, change directions and make a set of three or four lines, then change directions again and make another set of 3-4 lines and so on until the entire border area has long, curvy lines that are about 1" apart.

Each set of curvy lines or channels has round bottomed "w"s stitched in them that follow the direction of the channels themselves. Try to keep the w's the same distance apart,mine are about 3/8". Use the channel stitch lines to travel from one place to another while stitching.

The bottom design is much more formal then the top design and it requires a bit of marking. Divide the border in half lengthwise and mark with a Hera marker then divide the length into four equal sections each 3 1/2" wide and mark. Stitch diagonal lines to divide the space into large triangles. To do this start at the bottom left hand corner and stitch up to the first dividing line then stitch down to the next dividing line then up to the next and so on. You can put on your walking foot for this, but it's a great opportunity to practice long, straight lines free motion. After the triangles are stitched, stitch down the middle line to subdivide them. Look at the photo again and notice that each triangle is filled with straight lines that are about 1/4" apart. These lines alternate, vertical and horizontal in every other triangle. I find it easiest to stitch these lines in rows. Use the original stitch lines to travel from triangle to triangle.

I hope you enjoy these new designs and that you all have a wonderful day - I'm off to sell sewing machines!


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susies1955 said...

Thanks for the shout out. :)
Loving the new ideas.