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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Machine Quilting Challenge - Block #74

Good Morning All,

Here is today's new design, click on it to see it larger. It is a very colorful, busy, decorative border design. The stitch out was done in three colors and three of what you might want to call "layers". The first layer was done in red and consisted of the basic flower shape and the loop d 'loops that links them together. The second layer was done in turquoise and consisted of additional loop d 'loops and stems of leaves in the negative space, tiny scallops inside the flower centers and wavy veins inside each of the petals. The final layer was done with yellow orange thread. I used it to add an asterisks shape in the center of each flower, jagged zig-zags around the outside of the flower centers, a jagged surround around each of the leaves and more loop d' loops in the negative space.

Begin with a 7" x 14" quilt sandwich. Starting at one end, stitch a curvy line of loop d' loops to where you want to make your first flower. Stitch a large circle, about the size of a quarter then surround it with five or six petals. Loop d' loop over to where you want to make your next flower and so on. You can fit four large flowers in the rectangle if you stagger them,one on the left then one on the right and so on.

Change thread colors and loop d' loop into the center of the first flower. Stitch tiny half circles around the inside perimeter of the flower center then add long wavy veins down the center of each petal, stitch out and away from the flower and stitch a sprig of leaves then loop d' loop to the next flower and stitch its center and veins. Continue loop d' looping from flower to flower, adding leaves, center flourishes and veins.

Change thread color again and loop d' loop into the center of the first flower. Stitch an asterisks design in the middle of the flower center then stitch just out of the center and surround it with a small jagged zig-zag. Loop d' loop out of the flower toward the first sprig of leaves and surround each leaf with small, pointy, bottom-less triangles. Loop d' loop toward the next flower and sprig of leaves and do the same.

Look over the strip and add more loop d' loops in any large open spaces.

I love, love, love stitching with multiple colors in large open spaces on my quilts - it adds so much interest. Be careful though - you don't ever want your quilting to overwhelm your piecing. The two should work in tandem with each other, each playing off of and complimenting the other.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Till next time,

1 comment:

Christa Irell said...

Oh Heather, how beautiful! And three colours! WOW!

I have just started cutting for a new traditional quilt for a very good friend of mine, and I will have to go through all of your many designs and tutorials to see what I can manage for the quilting part... thank you for such a wonderful variety to choose from!

Now I need to back up a couple of posts, I have barely been on the computer this past week- SO much else to do, but I see I have missed some stuff! Aacckk!!!

Have a great weekend and hope to see you soon.

p.s. this machine is a DREAM!!!!! xo