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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Machine Quilting Challenge - design #72

Good Morning All,

I'm not sure what's up with the focus on this, but when you click on it to see it larger, it's nice and clear. Anyway, here are two fun border designs for you to try out. Use a 7" x 14" fabric sandwich and divide it down the middle using a Hera marker before you baste it. The top side features large swirls with straight, vertical lines in the negative space and the lower design begins with sections divided into large triangles followed by echoing arcs.

To begin the swirl design, using a Hera marker, divide the length of your strip into five equal sections, about 2 3/4" each. Beginning on one end, stitch a large swirl that is about two inches wide, keep it in the middle of the strip and inside one of the five sections. Stitch in, then back out again and swoop over to form the next swirl in the next section, striving to make it the same size as the first swirl. Stitch three more large swirls in the same manner until you reach the far side of the strip.

Once all of the swirls are complete, begin sewing the straight lines on the inside of the row of swirls, stitch from the edge of the swirl to the center line mark then back to the swirl then back to the center line mark. Try to keep your new stitch lines on top of the swirl stitch lines when switching directions. Keep your lines the same distance apart. Mine are 1/4" but 1/2" apart works too. Once this side is complete, stitch several times down the center line to divide the two halves of the strip. Do the same thing on the opposite side of the swirls, stitching vertical lines and keeping them the same distance apart.

To stitch out the other side, begin with the diagonal lines that form the triangles. Using a Hera marker divide the long strip into 8 equal segments, each 1 3/4" wide. Beginning at the bottom of the left hand corner, stitch up, diagonally to the first marked line then down diagonally to the second line then up again and so on until the large triangles have been stitched. Now, using your Hera marker, divide the width of the strip in half so that you have two long sections that are 1 3/4" wide.

Beginning on the side closest to the middle, stitch a large arc that touches the middle line and fits between three of the marked vertical lines (look at the picture). Stitch in echoing arcs until the arc is filled in. Stitch along the center division line to the next section and stitch another large arc and stitch in echoing arcs. Continue stitching echoing arcs until the first side is complete then do the same thing on the opposite side with arcs that are offset from the first side.

Hope you enjoy these two border designs,

Till next time,

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susies1955 said...

SO very cool. I'm going to look over the rest of your blog. Just found you.