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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hello Gang,
Happy Tuesday to you all. Today, we're going to play with foiling on fabric. The photo to the left shows some of the goodies you will want to have on hand.
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You will need fabric foil and adhesive of some sort. Pictured is one of our combo foil packs that has 10" x 12" sheets of ten different sold colored foils as well as one sheet of multi colored. Also shown is Misty Fuse (black), Bo-nash 007, foil adhesive and Steam-a-seam 2

In this first sample, I painted a rubber stamp with foil adhesive using a sponge brush. I let the adhesive dry until it was completely dry to the touch. I laid the foil on top of the stamped design with the foil color side up then used a medium hot iron to bray the foil on to the adhesive. Braying simply means to push with the edge of the iron. I usually cut my foil just larger than the design that I'm transferring so that I don't waste too much foil.

Always give the foil a few minutes to cool then gently pull it off of the surface. Viola! here is the stamped design.

Here I have sprinkled the surface of the fabric with Bo-nash 007 (this is a powdered adhesive).

Here, I have laid a large sheet of foil over the fabrics with the Bo-nash 007 sprinkled on it and am pressing it with a medium heat iron and some good old fashioned pressure.

Wish you could see this better, but the fabric is sprinkled with foil dots!

Here, I laid down one layer of Misty Fuse (I used black because thats what I had on hand. Then I covered the misty fuse with a large sheet of foil, color side up and heated and brayed it with the iron. When I pulled the foil away it left this wonderful, misty web of foil.

Here is a heart cut out of Steam-a-seam 2 ironed on to the surface of the fabric. I then removed the top sheet of protective paper and topped the heart with foil, colored side up.

I brayed the foil onto the heart shape using the edge of the medium hot iron, let it cool then gently pulled off the foil and here is the finished design. Foiled fabric can be hand washed but can not go in the dryer. Use a pressing cloth to re-iron any foiled areas. Till next time,

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Carol said...

How fortunate for me that you posted a foiling technique as I was planning to do some foiling on my next color-class project.
Thx for all that you contribute to color, design, and the promotion of self-expression!
Carol Callahan