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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Block #42 in the Machine Quilting Challenge

Good Afternoon,

Today's stitch-out is the second in a two part triangle design. I call it Triangle Maze. It is very similar to the square and round swirls. As with the other swirls, you stitch in then leave yourself room to stitch back out again.

It is very helpful to mark the rows in which you plan to stitch. I marked five, 2" rows using a Hera marker. Stitching begins in the lower, left hand corner. This corner is occupied by a half triangle. Each row will begin and end with a half triangle. The triangles are easiest to do if they are equilateral - that is, all the sides are the same length. This one definitely requires some doodling before you take your first stitch.

Begin in the bottom, left hand corner and stitch up and toward the right so that the top of the line is positioned about 1" away from the side of the block. Next stitch over toward the left till you reach the edge then stitch down along the edge and stop about 1/4" before the bottom. Now stitch back up, about 1/4" inside the angled line on the right stopping 1/4" before you get to the top then stitch across toward the left then all the way down to the bottom and over to the left past the outside line of the triangle you just stitched by about 1/4". This will put you in position to stitch you first complete triangle.

Keeping the line about 1/4" away from the outside line of the half triangle, stitch an angled line up stopping just below the creased line. Next, stitch back down, angling toward the right and striving for a 2"distance from the beginning of the triangle. Stop 1/4" from the bottom and stitch across the bottom stopping 1/4"from the other side then stitch back up again, continue swirling in, making the lines about 1/4" apart, until you are in the center then stitch back out again keeping the outbound lines centered between the lines that are all ready stitched.

Once you are back out, stitch along the bottom of the triangle until you are position to make the next triangle. The next triangle is made in the same way, only upside down. Continue making triangles until you get to the end of the row and finish with a half triangle. Stitch up along the side of the block to get in position to stitch the next row and do it in the opposite direction.

I love how contemporary this design is,
Hope you enjoy playing with it,
Till tomorrow,

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