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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Machine Quilting Challenge - Block #46

Good Morning,
Here is today's new stitch-out. I call it Mayan Ruins. It combines two basic designs, the swirl and "E's or Combs. It is very similar to block #10 (which I forgot to name-whoops!), except here it is done orderly in rows.
Remember to doodle it out before you take your first stitch.
I didn't mark rows, but you may want to. Mine are about 1 1/2" tall - use a Hera marker if needed.
Begin stitching in the lower left hand corner and start by making a large swirl that is about 1 1/2" wide. Swirl in then swirl back out again. As you come out, make a line along the bottom, heading toward the right and extend it about 1 1/2" past the swirl then stitch up, making a corner about 1/4" then stitch back toward the swirl. Stop about 1/4" before the swirl then stitch back up about 1/4" and over the the right again. Continue stitching switch backs until you have reached the height of the swirl and are heading toward the right. Make the final switch back elongated and stitch it into the next swirl. Continue making swirls and switch backs until you have completed the first row.
Stitch along the right hand side and up to where you can begin the next row. If you finished with a swirl in the bottom row then begin with a switch back in the second row and so on. The switch backs in the bottom row move from left to right but in the next row they move from top to bottom. Continue making rows, alternating the swirls and switch backs as well as alternating the orientation of the switch backs.
This stitch out is very contemporary and ethnic looking. It looks great on art quilts and quilts using African or South American fabrics or designs.
Hope you enjoy today's design,
See you tomorrow,

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