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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Block #51 in the Machine Quilting Challenge

Good Morning All,
Here is today's stitch-out; Daises. This flower features an asterisk like center and 8-9 petals. Use the same 'doughnut' style circle set up to doodle it in as you did with block #49.
To begin a Daisy, start in the center and make a short line that is about 1/2" long then double back to where you started. Next stitch another 1/2" long line angled out from the center that is just a bit away from the first line. Continue making 1/2" long lines that shoot away from the center, forming a circular shape that looks like a full asterisk. I usually go around a second time adding more lines to make a very full center.
Once the center is complete begin forming the petals. Each petal is narrow (but NOT pointed) at the base and gets wider as it gets to the rounded tip. Make 8-9 petals around the center. To add more interest the the basic flower (upper left hand corner) you can add a center vein in each of the petals (upper right hand corner) of you can add 1-2 more smaller petals inside each of the larger petals (lower right hand corner) or you can make the petals pointed and add veins (lower left hand corner).
I used an angled/straight stipple rather than a curved stipple in the background. The angular form of this background stitch really allows the curvy flowers to stand out.
Hope you enjoy today's flower,
Till tomorrow,

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