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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Machine Quilting Challenge - Block #41

Good Morning,
Hope you enjoyed yesterday's stitch-out. Today we're going to begin a two day stint of playing with triangles. Here is the easier of the designs. It is a background fill made from mostly triangles. It's challenge is to make straight sides and tight points. It's ease is that you can cross over lines to get to where you want to go so there is never a need to panic!
Doodle it out before you begin so that you become comfortable with the way that the triangles are formed and how to travel between triangles.
Begin near the middle of your block. Stitch the first two sides of a triangle. As you complete the shape with the third side, stitch past the intersection that forms the third corner far enough away so that you can make another triangle. Keep making triangles and filling in the space, keeping the negative space as even as possible and slightly varying the size of the triangles. My triangles are between 1/4" up to 3/4" with negative space of approximately 1/8" in between.
Hope you like today's quick and easy stitch-out. It's great for contemporary quilts and kids quilts too.
Till tomorrow,

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