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I have two favorite quotes. The first one is by Emile Zola, "If you asked me what I came into this world to do, I would tell you that I came to live out loud". I don't know who the second one is by, but it goes like this, "If you're not living on the edge then you might as well jump". Both of these sentiments sum up my personal philosophy of this experience we call life on earth. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Art Every Day, January 10, 2013

Good Afternoon,
Here is today's new piece.  It's weird how some colors photograph.  The background in this isn't nearly as opalescent as it looks in the photo.  The background is a piece of thin Silk Fusion setting on top of dyed Bamboo felt.   With this piece I wanted to play with adding a sense of movement to otherwise stagnant, still, geometric shapes.  I began by adding some angled lines then topped the composition with some dyed cheesecloth.  I quilted the cheesecloth with swirls and stitched whirls in the negative space.  The shapes and lines are top stitched along their edges.  I'm quite pleased with the juxtaposition provided by both the cheesecloth against the shapes and the curved stitching against the hard edges of the shapes. All in all, I like this piece.
Till tomorrow,


Rona said...

I love how your angles and then the texture of the cheesecloth change what is essentially a very simple block to something quite beautiful. I'm following your progress with interest. I'm planning a fabric book and you are giving me some good ideas for techniques. I loved the orange and green reverse applique/cutaway. It reminded me that I have a reverse applique vest that I don't wear any more so I'll cut that up for the first page. It's a fish scene so that can be my theme and then I plan to try as many different ways I can find of creating a page. I also like your ideas for finishing the edges, another thing I plan to play with. Thanks for sharing.

Christa Irell said...

This piece has a very ethereal feel to it, which I would have never thought I would say about anything with geometric shapes and straight lines!

The angled lines really draw the eye through the piece and the cheesecloth almost looks like it is floating on the top. The colors are at the same time soothing and bold, which I completely don't understand, but LOVE the look of.

I find the balance of the work very pleasing. This coming from a person who has to actively steer herself away from absolute symmetry...

Steph said...

Love the depth this piece has. I agree with Christa that it has a very ethereal feel to it. Love that the blue/green/purple boxes/lines float on the white silk background and the cheesecloth floats on that. Feels icy to me. Maybe that's because of how the picture added that opalescence.