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I have two favorite quotes. The first one is by Emile Zola, "If you asked me what I came into this world to do, I would tell you that I came to live out loud". I don't know who the second one is by, but it goes like this, "If you're not living on the edge then you might as well jump". Both of these sentiments sum up my personal philosophy of this experience we call life on earth. Enjoy!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Art Every Day, Friday, May 24, 2013

Good Afternoon,

Here is today's new piece.  I wanted to use some washing machine thread smoosh left behind by one of our dyeing customer friends, Anne Hagey and I wanted to use some hand dyed Polish lace gifted us by Pamela the Gypsy woman.  So here they are, used together.

I began by layering some yummy red violet dye painted bating with some dark yellow green hand dye with the lace laid out along the bottom.  I topped them both with layers of deep and medium red violet along with a mid valued bit of yellow green and a bit of red violet/yellow green that had been resist dyed. I like the layering with it's subtle texture and value changes and the simple quilting in the negative spaces allows the lace to show off.  I repeated the flower that is in the lace in the quilting in the center most fabric.  The last thing I added was the thread smoosh which really raised the surface.

I really like the quilted flower and the stitched circles but mostly I just love the bold direct complements.

Till tomorrow,

1 comment:

Christa Irell said...

Isn't this vibrant?! And it glows too!

This really does have it all: texture, contrast, variety, dimension, unity, repetition, balance, proportion...

Even though there are a number of elements on this, each of them have enough space to shine, and each of them help the others to shine too.

There is so much beautiful light in this. From the glow radiating out from the flower, to the light in the yellow green, to the bits of light in the thread smoosh (love that term! lol), to the dots in the yellow green strip, the red violet strip, the batting, and in the lace. It's just emanating from the piece all over, and it's wonderful. It gives the piece such an ethereal feel.

It is so perfectly balanced both between the use of the amount of each color and the placement of the elements that it is also a very peacefully energetic piece.