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I have two favorite quotes. The first one is by Emile Zola, "If you asked me what I came into this world to do, I would tell you that I came to live out loud". I don't know who the second one is by, but it goes like this, "If you're not living on the edge then you might as well jump". Both of these sentiments sum up my personal philosophy of this experience we call life on earth. Enjoy!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Art Every Day (or "Yesterday's Art)
Sunday, July 7, 2013

Good Afternoon,
Here is yesterday's piece.  I've really got to get myself a second camera for when I leave mine where I am not!  I do spend a good deal of my life " a day late and a dollar short". I'm sort of used to it.  Hope it doesn't bother you too much.
I'm really diggin on this piece.  It began with a piece of red dye painted batting which I topped with two different browns, one a plain cotton the other, Mexican yute.  Then a set down a curvy strip of orange batting across the diagonal middle which I then topped with cheesecloth that was dyed red, orange, yellow and brown. 
I quilted long lines in the cheesecloth to separate out the colored sections.  Then I quilted long lines in the reddish section and circles in the brown sections and left the yellow alone.  I quilted the brown backgrounds with close set straight lines.  They move vertically in one brown and horizontally in the other.
Once the quilting was done I pulled the loose end of the cheesecloth through the center hole in the large button (which I took off of a jacket) and tied it in a couple of knots and let the excess hang.
The fiery warmth of this is yummy and I love the transparency and flow of the cheesecloth.
I'll be back to you with today's new piece in just a moment!
Till then,

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Christa Irell said...

Ooh-wee! LOVE the texture in this beauty!

The combination of fabrics and quilting is just perfect in this. It feels soft yet strong, it has movement and is vibrant!

The quilting throughout the focal point really makes the piece dance. The bubbles give it motion and life and bring our eye over and across, while the lines add some gentle undulation and waves.

The texture of the cheesecloth is so great in that it allows all of the other colors to show through as well, giving more colors and an ethereal look.

The close, opposing linear quilting in the two background pieces keep the browns further back, but keep them on their separate planes at the same time, adding more dimension.

The button is another element that adds movement- I can almost picture it rolling off to the right! The wisp that trails down is a wonderful offset balance for the focal point, breaking up that large brown space a little.

The red batting is such a pretty frame for this fiery piece.