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I have two favorite quotes. The first one is by Emile Zola, "If you asked me what I came into this world to do, I would tell you that I came to live out loud". I don't know who the second one is by, but it goes like this, "If you're not living on the edge then you might as well jump". Both of these sentiments sum up my personal philosophy of this experience we call life on earth. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Art Every Day, Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good Morning,
Here is today's newest piece.  It is yet another of the mid-mod/retro painted pieces done with the scribble stitch that I've been playing with.  
This one has the painted osnaberg laying on top of red dye painted batting and then a rectangle of black linen with one painted blue square was laid on top of it.  I stitched around all of the blue squares and the black rectangle and the black lines with black thread.  Then I stitched all of the background with linen colored thread with a rough angled all over stitch.  I stitched the blue circles all over last.  They are rough and chunky too.  
I really like this piece with the juxtaposition of circles and squares and the way the circles flow over the top of the more rigid/grid like setting of the squares and rectangle.  I love the boldness of color and the heavy black rectangle with it's one square.  
This whole, little mini series is really turning on my creative mojo!
Till tomorrow,

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Christa Irell said...

This really is a fun series.

Now, with this solid black rectangle in here, the black stitching on the left seems more prominent to me. I'm still not sure I wouldn't prefer the piece with that black piece in between like in the first one, but it just makes such a difference in my eyes. I don't know exactly why though.

I love the painterly feel of this! I could completely believe that you did this with a paintbrush instead of a sewing machine and fabric, and that's fabulous!

The circles have a very cool transparency thing going on and just float on the surface. The squares have the luminosity thing going on and add some real sparkle to the piece. And between them, with the lines coming from the squares and the position of the circles, there is the illusion of movement.

Then you have the rectangle pretending to be this big black hole that everything is bouncing into- except that blue square, which is coming right at us!

You were able to create a lot of eye tricks with just a few simple lines. Again. The POWER OF LINE.